Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My apologies for not being so constant with this blog even though I just started it.

I really want to talk about The Heirs today~!! Who is as exited as me about this new drama?? Lee min ho will be in it, and if that's not good enough reason to watch this drama then you are cray cray! Just kidding of course!
According to The Heirs will be a short drama of only 20 episodes. With a rather simple plot "...depicts the friendships and love lives of high school students from wealthy families".
October 9 is set to be the release date of this drama in Korea. Drama Fever has posted that as of right now the cast of The Heirs is in California filming " a setting to show off how their rich characters live in style"
How i wish I lived close to California. I would of made it my life goal to find Lee Min Ho and take a million pictures of him!
Well my drama crazy readers (which is probably none hehe) I shall talk more about The Heirs and Lee Min Ho when the drama is actually released. Don't forget OCTOBER 9! Save the date! Make sure all your homework is done before hand, and request the day off from work!
As always thank you so much for reading this short post. Love you whoever you are hehe ^-^

Enjoy these pictures.
Straight from his own website

Monday, June 17, 2013

Where I watch my dramas ^-^

Hi everyone!

So before I use to watch dramas on whatever poped up on google but usually the websites that I ended up would have a million aadds all over the place and it was usually really crappy quality.
Then I started to follow a page on facebook called 'Drama Fever'  and realized that they have a webpage dedicated to just dramas! so this drama fever place is the best to watch dramas! It has the best quality ever! They do have adds on their videos but its not that bad. The great quality of the video makes up for the little adds that you get. You can also get a Hulu plus account and watch dramas with no adds. I really love drama fever because of them I always have great dramas to watch~!
Also this is not a ad for them or anything I'm just being really genuine when I say that they are the best!

Thanks for reading
-Ivy Rose

Crazy Love Review

Hello everyone so the current drama that I am watching is Crazy Love. It really is a crazy drama with a interesting story. I'll try my hardest not to post too much spoilers or at least not important spoilers. So the story is about Yoon Mi-So. As a child Yoon Mi-Soo was an orphan who was adopted by a wealthy family. Unfortunately her family goes bankrupt causing Yoon Mi-So's mother to go in to shock and die. Yoon Mi-so is married to Lee Min-Jae and they have a daughter together. Yoo Mi-So of course lives with her mother in law, Heo Myeong-ja, who doesn't like her at all! Heo Myeong-ja wants them to get a divorce as soon as possible and will go out of her way to make her wishes come true! One of Heo Myeong-ja's tactic is to get Lee Min-Jae to go out with Han Na-Young. Han Na-Young HATES Yoon Mi-so! She went to the same orphanage but did not have such a great life with her adoptive parents thus became jealous of Yoon Mi-so. Han Na-Young wants to take EVERYTHING that is Yoon Mi-so's and make it hers. So basically [spoiler!] Ha Na-Young ends up having an affair with Lee Min-Jae and he starts to neglect Yoon Mi-so. Yoon Mi-so eventually meets attorney Seo Kyung-Soo who she ends up relying on a lot! Seo Kyung-soo is married with a psychotic b**ch! So you can imagine! Lots of drama!! There is plenty more to the story but I wouldn't want to ruin it for you!! At first I didn't really like how much the story was dragging but after a few episodes it picked up and its going really well. To be honest I really hated Yoon Mi-so at the beginning! She never stands up for her self and kind of just accepts whatever is going on!! Which is so annoying, but of course as the episodes go on she becomes stronger! Also Keo Se-Won is the hottest actor ever, and I love the character that he is playing! Seo Kyung-Soo character is quiet, calm and very gentleman like as oppose to Lee Min-Jae character! Lee Min-Jae is easily manipulated and thinks that he has everything under his control. He whines about everything, he's a big jerk, rude and the worst part about him is that he never really stands up to his mother! He's like a big child! Seo Kyung-Soo all the way!!!

Park Sun-Young As Yoon Mi
Heo Tae-Hee as Lee Min-Jae
Kim Yeon-Ju as Han Na-Young
Yoon Mi-so looking at Lee Min-Jae make out with Han Na-Young!! T^T
Keo Se-Won as Seo Kyung-Soo
Kim Hae-in as Oh Hae-Ryeong aka crazy wife of Seo Kyung-soo
Yoo Hye-Ri as Heo Myeong-ja aka Yoon Mi-So's crazy mother in law!
Thank you so much for reading this! Sorry if something didn't make sense to you my apologies!
-Ivy Rose